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Doctoral Training Centre in Low Carbon Technologies

Hannah James

Graduated with an interdisciplinary MSc/PhD in the Doctoral Training Centre for Low Carbon Technologies

Hannah James - Doctoral Training Centre in Low Carbon Technologies

Hannah was part of the Low Carbon Services Research Group

Project Title: Decision Making for Microgeneration: Integration with Energy Networks at the Domestic and District Scales

Dr Hannah James’ research at the CDT was on the adoption of microgeneration technologies in new build homes. She used co-evolutionary economic theory to investigate the regulatory, technological, social and strategic drivers and barriers for new build microgeneration; and investigated the role of ESCOs in driving uptake in the UK. She also conducted a quantitative study of householder attitudes to ESCOs and district heat networks, with a focus on the importance of psychological attributes in determining attitudes.

Hannah now works as a Sustainability Consultant at AECOM, where she advises residential developers on sustainability and energy strategies, works with local authorities to help them develop heat networks, and conducts energy research for various public and private organisations.